What Foods Are Recommended for Someone With Diverticulitis?


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There are a number of studies that show the best foods for diverticulitis are those high in fiber such as beans, fresh fruit and vegetables, according to WebMD. Whole-grain bread, cereal and pasta made of whole grains are also recommended.

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In addition to eating foods that are high in fiber, doctors also often recommend fiber supplements to patients, explains WebMD. These supplements, such as Metamucil, are usually taken one to three times each day to help soften the stool. Those suffering from diverticulitis should ensure they are getting enough water, as that keeps the stool soft as well. Soft stool helps eliminate the pain associated with diverticulitis.

Just as there are foods that are good for patients suffering from diverticulitis, there are also foods that should be avoided, states WebMD. Hard-to-digest foods such as corn should not be eaten by those with diverticulitis, as the body cannot pass these foods as easily through the large intestine. In addition to eating a diet that is high in fiber-rich foods, doctors recommend that patients with diverticulitis practice good bathroom habits. These include not straining while having a bowel movement and ensuring the patient is using the bathroom on a regular schedule. These practices may ease the pain associated with diverticulitis.

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