What Foods Are Recommended to Prevent Prostate Cancer?


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In order to prevent prostate cancer, Healthline specifically eating tomatoes, broccoli, legumes and drinking green tea. Other foods that reduce the risk of prostate cancer are pomegranate juice and fish with high omega-3 content, such as salmon.

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What Foods Are Recommended to Prevent Prostate Cancer?
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Mayo Clinic also suggests making complete diet changes. It recommends eating a low-fat diet, reducing animal fats, increasing consumption of fruits and vegetables, and cutting back on dairy products. According to Mayo Clinic, high fat consumption, specifically animal fat, is associated with an increased risk of prostate cancer. Animal fats include meats, lard and butter.

In addition to these guidelines, WebMD suggests avoiding trans fatty acids found in fried foods, as well as staying away from high-calcium diets, which can stimulate prostate cancer growth. Instead, it encourages the consumption of B-complex vitamins, folic acid and vitamin C, which can be found in citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables and berries.

Although diet is important in the prevention of prostate cancer, WebMD also recommends making certain lifestyle changes, such as exercising daily, reducing calorie intake and getting sunshine. It suggests getting checked by a doctor on a regular basis.

Symptoms of prostate cancer can include frequent urges to urinate, difficulty starting or stopping urine streams, and painful urination, states WebMD.

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