What Foods Are Recommended to Prevent Colon Cancer?

What Foods Are Recommended to Prevent Colon Cancer?

Some recommended foods to eat in the fight against colon cancer are plant-based foods that are rich in antioxidants, fiber foods and fish. Diets than contain these healthy foods and avoid others, such as saturated fats, can be beneficial in preventing and treating this condition, as noted by Johns Hopkins Colon Cancer Center.

One recommendation is to eat fish up to three times a week and plant-based foods, such as colorful fruits and vegetables that contain many different antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. Foods with antioxidants are useful in the fight against colon cancer because they contain compounds that help with the damage to cells caused by free radicals, states WebMD.

Some examples of antioxidants are lutein and carotene. Fruits and vegetables also contain minerals and vitamins that include folic acid and calcium. Spinach is a good source of folic acid, and collard greens and kale contain calcium. Another important vitamin that may be useful to prevent colon cancer is vitamin D, which is found in milk, salmon and egg yolks, as noted by WebMD.

In the nutritional guideline for colon cancer, another recommendation is a diet that contains good sources of fiber, such as vegetables and certain grains. Some fiber foods are kidney beans, brown rice and whole-grain cereals. Some research studies seem to indicate that dietary fiber may have a protective benefit against colorectal cancer, notes Johns Hopkins Colon Cancer Center.

Although there are foods that can help fight against colon cancer, there also are foods that should be limited or avoided, including red meat, high-fat foods or meats and excess sodium. Additionally, people should limit alcoholic beverages in a diet.