What Foods Are Recommended to Lower or Balance Out Blood Sugars?

Foods that can lower or balance out blood sugars include oatmeal, oranges, kale, salmon and beans, states Everyday Health. Cinnamon, green tea, almonds and salmon can help control blood sugar levels as well.

Proper portions of oatmeal, which are healthy carbohydrates, slow digestion and may help in controlling blood sugar levels and improving insulin sensitivity, according to Everyday Health. Oranges contain soluble fiber and pectin and have a low glycemic index that has moderate effects in lowering and balancing blood sugars.

Strawberries contain low amounts of carbohydrates and calories as well as high water and fiber content that makes people feel satisfied, explains WebMD. Feeling full prevents people from consuming a lot of food, thus keeping blood sugars under control. Spinach, broccoli and green beans can also help keep blood sugar levels in balance.

Salmon contains proteins, vitamin D, niacin and omega-3 fatty acids, which counters inflammation that comes along with insulin resistance, explains Everyday Health. People with high blood sugar levels should drink sugar-free sparkling waters instead of sodas to control levels of blood sugar and weight, advises WebMD. Lean meats contain chromium, a compound that helps in metabolizing carbohydrates and improving insulin function, thus keeping blood sugar in check. Chicken breast without skin may be helpful for controlling blood sugar.