What Foods Are Recommended for IBS Patients?


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Patients with irritable bowel syndrome are encouraged to eat high soluble-fiber foods, such as vegetables, fruits and gluten-free foods, according to Healthline. Low-fat dairy products, lean meat and drinking plenty of fluids can help IBS patients reduce the occurrence of their symptoms.

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Although it is important for IBS patients to include fiber in their diet, they also need to know which kind of fiber they should eat, asserts Healthline. Patients experiencing excessive gas and diarrhea should avoid insoluble fiber found in whole grains, cabbage and nuts, and concentrate on eating soluble fiber-rich foods, such as berries and oatmeal. IBS patients are encouraged to limit or avoid coffee and chocolate.

Because irritable bowel syndrome is a gastroenterological problem, diet is often the proper treatment for IBS patients who primarily have diarrhea as a symptom of their condition, claims WebMD. Not everyone benefits the same from a standard high-fiber plan, so it is important for IBS patients to experiment with foods and determine which foods cause their symptoms. Because some healthy diets can make symptoms worse, IBS patients may be tempted to eliminate fruits and vegetables. Before formulating a diet plan, patients with irritable bowel syndrome should consult with a doctor or dietitian to prevent nutrient or vitamin deficiencies.

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