What Are Foods That Help Psoriasis?


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Experts recommend eating a lot of fruits and vegetables as well as a lot of foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids to help psoriasis, according to WebMD and Prevention magazine. There have not been any studies that conclusively show a link between psoriasis and diet; however, eating a healthy diet can sometimes help with symptoms.

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What Are Foods That Help Psoriasis?
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Vegetables that are high in antioxidants can help limit psoriasis flare-ups and help patients with other skin disease avoid developing psoriasis, according to Prevention magazine. Vegetables high in antioxidants include green vegetables and carrots. The key to creating a diet that can help with psoriasis symptoms is to eat foods that minimize inflammation, notes the National Psoriasis Foundation.

Alternative health dermatologists and nutrition specialists advise that psoriasis patients look first and foremost to raw vegetables and then cooked vegetables for their diet. They also recommend removing sugar, white carbohydrates and white rice, adding starchy vegetables, free-range chicken and turkey and limiting fruit to papaya and lemon. Eliminating gluten can also help some patients.

Studies have shown that obesity is a risk factor in developing psoriasis, therefore doctors recommend that patients eat a healthy diet to lower their risk factors. Alcohol has also been shown to worsen psoriasis symptoms, so doctors recommend that psoriasis patients abstain from alcohol, according to WebMD. Stress can worsen symptoms as well, and though not diet-related, finding ways to reduce stress by practicing yoga, meditation or exercising can reduce the appearance of psoriasis.

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