What Are Some Foods That Promote Blood Thinning?


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Some foods that promote blood thinning are spinach, kiwi, mangoes, almonds and broccoli, notes Healthline. These foods owe their blood-thinning abilities to their vitamin E content.

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Peanut butter, tomatoes, sunflower seeds and oils rich in vitamin E thin blood naturally, states Healthline. Sunflower, soybean, corn, olive and safflower oils are known for their vitamin E content. Some ingredients used to add flavor to foods also have natural blood-thinning abilities. Celery seed, garlic and aniseed all help prevent blood from clotting.

Blood thinners reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by preventing the formation of clots in the blood vessels, reports MedlinePlus. Some foods have anticoagulant properties, which means they increase the amount of time it takes for a blood clot to form. Although natural anticoagulants are beneficial for some people, they may cause complications if taken in conjunction with blood-thinning medications, states Healthline.

Staying hydrated and eating protein-rich foods may also improve blood flow and reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks, according to nutritionists from the University of Hawaii. People should use caution when consuming foods and beverages that affect the viscosity of blood. Grapefruit and green tea can interfere with the effects of blood-thinning medications. Dietary supplements, such as bilberry, ginseng, fish oil and gingko, may also affect the thickness of the blood.

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