What Foods Help Prevent Heart Attacks in Men?


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A diet that includes fruits, vegetables, lean proteins from sources like fish and high-fiber foods such as whole grains lowers men's risk for heart disease, notes Mayo Clinic. Arteries clogged with plaque cause coronary heart disease and most heart attacks are a result of this condition, states WebMD.

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What Foods Help Prevent Heart Attacks in Men?
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Eating five or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day is recommended because they are good sources of fiber, vitamins and minerals, and most are low in sodium, calories, cholesterol and fat, says MedlinePlus. Men should select whole grain, low-fat breads, crackers, pastas and cereals because they are low in fat and cholesterol and high in iron, B vitamins and fiber. Good sources of protein include eggs, dried peas, nuts and lentils. Poultry, seafood and meat that is low-fat and prepared by baking or other methods that avoid frying, are also beneficial. Low-fat or non-fat dairy products are also good sources of protein, vitamins and minerals. Unsaturated fats from vegetable sources are preferable to saturated fats and trans fats, which cause cholesterol accumulation in arteries.

Obesity and high cholesterol, which can be influenced by diet and lifestyle, are two conditions that can lead to heart disease, notes Medline Plus. It is important to maintain a healthy body weight by balancing daily consumption of calories with daily expenditure of calories. Men should limit intake of foods that contain a lot of calories and sugar. Consuming less than 2,300 mg of sodium daily and exercising regularly are essential to a healthy lifestyle.

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