What Are Some Foods People With Diverticular Disease Should Avoid?


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Diet recommendations for patients suffering from diverticular disease, such as diverticulosis or diverticulitis, traditionally consists of avoiding foods with nuts, popcorn and seeds. Modern research, as of 2015, suggests that avoiding these foods does not remedy issues associated with the disorders, although some physicians still recommend the diet, says Healthline.

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Bulging pouches that develop in the intestines, especially as a person ages, are diverticula, states WebMD. This disorder is called diverticulosis. When infection or inflammation sets into the diverticula, the resulting condition is diverticulitis.

Many experts believe diverticular disease may be the result of a low fiber diet or eating foods that are hard to digest, notes WebMD. In certain regions of the world where inhabitants eat a high fiber diet, such as Africa and Asia, there seems to be a lower occurrence of diverticular disease. However, a high-fiber diet, consisting of seeds, nuts and other foods, may be hard to digest.

High-fiber diets also reduce pressure in the intestines, decreasing the likelihood of diverticula formation, explains Healthline. When the patient experiences inflammation, however, a high-fiber diet may not relieve the symptoms. The doctor may prescribe a clear liquid diet, consisting of water, gelatin and broth, as well as plain tea and frozen fruit puree.

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