What Foods Are Part of the Liver Cleansing Detox Diet?


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Foods that are a part of a liver cleansing detox diet include garlic, grapefruit and leafy green vegetables, explains Global Healing Center. Both garlic and grapefruit aid in activating liver enzymes, while the plant chlorophylls in green vegetables neutralize environmental toxins in the blood. Apples also help detoxify and support the liver. The concentrations of pectin in apples lessen the toxic burden on the liver by supporting detoxification through the bowels.

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Beets and carrots are other foods that support the liver due to their high levels of carotenoids and plant flavonoids, claims Natural Society. Avocados provide a source of glutathione that aids in cleansing the liver of toxic chemicals while chicory root is a natural remedy for some liver diseases, including jaundice.

Green tea has been used throughout history to support health, explains Natural Society. It contains catechins that aid in the process of liver detox and cleansing.

During a liver detox, it is important to ensure that the body continues to receive the vitamins and minerals it needs, according to Natural Society. One way to achieve this is to add organic virgin apple cider vinegar to the diet. As well as containing vitamins and minerals, it has the capability to restore the body’s natural alkalinity.

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