What Are Some Foods That Help With Osteoporosis?


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Foods containing calcium, including dark green leafy vegetables, sardines and low-fat dairy products are important for maintaining healthy bones and managing osteoporosis, according to Everyday Health. Getting enough vitamin D is also beneficial for bone health, and it can be obtained through fish such as mackerel and tuna.

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What Are Some Foods That Help With Osteoporosis?
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Including plenty of fresh produce in the diet helps provide adequate vitamins and minerals to support bone health, states Everyday Health. Individuals who eat a diet that is plentiful in a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables tend to have a more alkaline-based diet, which helps retain calcium. Moderating alcohol consumption, eliminating caffeine and carbonated beverages, and reducing salt intake are other aspects of a bone-healthy diet.

Prevention and treatment of osteoporosis through diet do not reverse existing bone damage; however, they can slow the process and prevent or reduce bone fractures, according to Everyday Health. Meals that feature several calcium and vitamin D sources such as eggs, cheese, milk and salmon are excellent for meeting the recommended daily amounts. Daily calcium requirements are 1,000 milligrams per day for individuals under the age of 50. Those over 50 need 1,200 milligrams per day, and postmenopausal women require 1,300 milligrams per day.

Osteoporosis patients should strive for 400 to 800 international units per day of vitamin D, ideally through natural sunlight, notes Everyday Health. Food sources and supplements can help those who don't get enough sun exposure to meet the minimum requirements.

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