What Foods Are Naturally Gluten-Free?

A wide variety of foods, including all fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat and seafood are naturally gluten-free, according to the Celiac Disease Foundation. Beans, nuts and legumes are also naturally gluten-free, as are certain grains, such as rice, corn and quinoa.

"Gluten" is a term that encompasses all of the proteins that occur in wheat, barley, rye and triticale, states the Celiac Disease Foundation. Since these grains and their byproducts are in many foods, including foods that many people would not expect to contain grain products, those who follow gluten-free diets can benefit from reading food labels and reviewing the information on gluten-containing foods at Celiac.org.

Foods that have been processed are at risk for being cross-contaminated with gluten if the foods are processed on equipment that is also used to process wheat, barley or rye. Examples of foods that are at risk for cross-contamination include oats, cereals that contain malt flavoring or extract, cream-based soups, frozen fruits or vegetables, and beers or ales. The best way to ensure compliance with a gluten-free diet is to consume foods that have not undergone any processing and that are known to be in a gluten-free food group, advises the Celiac Disease Foundation.