Which Foods Are Natural Diuretics?


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Watermelon, tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and cranberry juice are all natural diuretics that aid in reducing edema, according to Progressive Health. Additional foods that have diuretic properties are celery, grapes, artichokes and eggplant. Coffee also has a diuretic effect.

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Which Foods Are Natural Diuretics?
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Diuretics assist in the removal of excess fluid buildup in the body, a condition known as edema, and can be taken in the form of food, herb or drug, reports Progressive Health. Foods that serve as diuretics tend to have a high water content which increases the volume of urination and rate of detoxification.

Natural food diuretics also help to regulate digestion, promote weight loss, lower blood pressure and prevent kidney stones, according to GetLoss. Vegetables and fruits with high water content and plenty of fiber are particularly helpful for use as diuretics. Many herbs and teas are also effective as diuretics, such as green tea, dandelion leaf, yarrow and horsetail.

Natural diuretics may increase the amount of urine expelled from the body, but there is little scientific evidence to prove their effectiveness, according to the Mayo Clinic. One way to manage water retention is to cut back on sodium, particularly during menstruation cycles. Additionally, water retention can be caused by underlying medical conditions or medications. It's recommended that one consults a doctor about possible causes before treating it.

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