What Are Some Foods That Menopausal Women Should Avoid?

Menopausal women should avoid fast foods, processed foods, spicy foods, fatty meats and caffeine, according to Everyday Health. Cutting down on the intake of alcohol may reduce symptoms of menopause, including hot flashes, bloating, mood swings and tiredness.

Fast foods may render women of menopausal age vulnerable to cardiovascular diseases and increase their weight, worsening menopause symptoms, explains Everyday Health. Processed foods, such as cookies and potato chips, contain added sugars or sodium, which may cause bloating or water retention. Eating whole-grain crackers with peanut butter or stringed cheese may reduce the urge for processed foods. Replacing jalapeño or hot salsa with basil, cumin or turmeric may reduce symptoms of menopause.

During menopause, women should drink ginger or peppermint tea instead of caffeine, states Everyday Health. Excessive consumption of alcohol may cause hot flashes and may increase the risks of cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Replacing alcohol with white wine spritzer may reduce symptoms of menopause.

Fatty meats, such as bacon and brisket, cause serotonin levels to fall, leading to anger and other symptoms related to menopause, according to Everyday Health. Women with no menstrual periods may eat lean beef, chicken or turkey instead of fatty meats to reduce the risks of menopause.