What Foods Does the Mediterranean Diet Include?


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The Mediterranean diet includes foods that are high in fiber, olive oil, lots of seafood including fish, plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes, nuts and lean chicken and meat, reports the National Institutes of Health's MedlinePlus. The diet avoids eating foods high in carbohydrates and eating too many sweets, eggs, red meat or butter.

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What Foods Does the Mediterranean Diet Include?
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The foods in the Mediterranean diet can help people potentially lose weight and also protect their heart, reports the MayoClinic. The common pitfall that people make when they eat on this diet is that they indulge in too many of the lesser components such as meat, sweets, yogurt and poultry. Instead, people should focus on creating as many plant-based meals as possible to reap the full benefits of the diet.

While the Mediterranean diet has been followed by many because of its health benefits, there are also a number of possible health concerns, reports MedlinePlus. One of these health concerns is low iron levels because many of the foods in the diet do not contain large amounts of iron. Another concern is the large consumption of wine because pregnant women and those who are at risk of developing alcohol abuse or have cancer should not partake. Yet another concern is that if a person eats too many nuts then that person may gain weight, notes MedlinePlus.

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