What Foods Make Hair Thicker?


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Foods rich in the antioxidant selenium, such as eggs, crab, chicken and liver, can help prevent hair loss and make the hair healthier and thicker. Just eight to 10 Brazil nuts alone have around 800 percent of the daily recommended value of this trace mineral, according to the National Institutes of Health.

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Selenium also helps the body process protein, which is beneficial for hair strength. Hair is about 97 percent protein, according to Lisa Drayer, a nutritionist and registered dietitian, so foods that have a sufficient amount of protein can make the hair healthier. Foods in this category include oysters, eggs, poultry and red meat, such as lean cuts of beef. Greek yogurt is also high in protein content.

Whey protein may be added to the list of the foods that are good for the hair because it makes the hair stronger and aids in preventing the hair from entering a "resting phase," says Beth Warren, author of "Living a Real Life with Real Food." This phase is one in which the hair may temporarily cease production, causing possible hair loss. For vegetarians and vegans especially, lentils are hair-friendly food options because they're a great protein source. Kidney beans are also a good choice.

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