What Foods Make Gout More Painful?


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Because purine-rich food can elevate uric-acid levels, causing gout outbreaks, those foods make gout more painful. Examples include game meats; organ meats, such as kidneys, livers, brains and sweetbreads; certain types of seafood, including herring and scallops; and gravy. Beer and gravy also boost uric-acid levels, notes WebMD.

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Substituting low-purine foods for the foods high in purines can go a long way toward relieving the symptoms of gout. Adding green vegetables, fruits and tomatoes to the diet, along with peanut butter, nuts, tea, coffee, chocolate, cocoa, eggs, cheese, buttermilk and butter can make a significant difference. Avoiding wheat-based cereal and bread also helps. Nonfat or low-fat milk as well as low-fat yogurt may lower a person's overall risk of gout, according to WebMD.

People who have been identified with high levels of uric acid in the blood (a condition called hyperuricemia) or who have gone through gout in the past may want to limit their intake of seafood, meat and alcohol to prevent recurrence. People who are overweight and have suffered from gout outbreaks should lower their body weight to a healthy level by exercising at a moderate level each day and regulating their consumption of fat and calories, as stated by WebMD.

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