What Foods Make a Good Diet for Candida Sufferers?


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A good diet for candida sufferers should be balanced and varied, and include foods such as non-starchy vegetables (tomatoes, onions and olives, for example), as well as probiotic yogurt and certain fish (herring and anchovies). Overall, any food that limits both the growth and feeding potential of candida yeast, such as foods low in natural sugars, or high in biotics, are a good choice according to the candida diet website.

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What Foods Make a Good Diet for Candida Sufferers?
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A number of herbs and spices are also beneficial to sufferers of candida, as some herbs have antibacterial qualities which can keep the candida at bay, and inherent anti-inflammatory qualities in some herbs can also help. Basil, dill, cloves, thyme and tumeric are all effective at combating candida whilst also being good for the body in general.

Some nuts and seeds can also contribute to a healthy diet while helping to limit and prevent candida symptoms. Some nuts and seeds that have a low mold count are sunflower seeds, walnuts, hazelnuts and pecans. Flax and sunflower seeds are also recommended.

Meat can also be included in any candida sufferer's diet, provided that only fresh, organic meat is eaten. Smoked meat, along with processed meats, contain a number of detrimental components that can cause candida to worsen, so should be avoided.

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