What Foods Make Your Body More Alkaline?

What Foods Make Your Body More Alkaline?

Most vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts and legumes potentially make the human body more alkaline, according to Chatelaine.com. Some vegetables are naturally more alkaline-promoting than others.

On lists of foods that make the body more alkaline, green and greenish vegetables predominate, such as broccoli, zucchini, asparagus, green beans and spinach. Celery is also on the list, along with radishes, carrots, apples, watermelon and tomatoes. Raisins top the lists as one of the most alkaline-promoting snacks.

An overall diet must consist of at least 70 percent alkaline-promoting foods for the related benefits to manifest. An alkaline body supports the function of kidneys and the liver and may prevent diabetes. The entire body performs at optimal levels when its internal environment approaches the ideal state of alkalinity, which is roughly a pH of 7.36, states Chatelaine.com.

Although alcoholic beverages tend to be acidic, draft beer is neutral and does not negatively affect the body's pH if consumed in moderation. Similarly, one may encourage a healthy pH within his body as much by eating alkaline-promoting foods as by abstaining from acid-promoting foods. Eggs, certain cheeses, meats and butter can raise the body's acid level.

Consequently, margarine is alkaline-promoting as is olive oil and even butter is used judiciously. Dr. Oz recommends a 2:1 ration when pairing alkaline with acid-promoting foods, or two servings of alkaline-promoting foods for every single serve of acid-promoting foods.