What Foods Help Lower Your Creatine Levels?


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Eating vegetables and fruits helps lower creatine levels, according to Psychology Today. Creatine is an amino acid found naturally in meat sources, but creatine supplements are also available.

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Creatine is an amino acid normally found in the body's muscles, and it can be synthesized from other amino acids in plants. Vegetarians generally have less creatine in their muscles than nonvegetarians, accordining to Psychology Today.

Creatine is important for everyday functions as it helps in the production of ATP. The body's cells operate on adenosine triphosphate. ATP is fueled by the foods taken in, and it is stored for physical and mental function in finite amounts. The human brain alone uses 20 percent of all cellular energy, according to Psychology Today. Creatine as an amino acid binds to phosphate and creates phosphocreatine, which acts as an intermediary, allowing ATP to be produced faster.

Creatine as a supplement in pill or powder form is believed to be safe, and it has no verifiable harmful side effects, according to WebMD. In supplement form, creatine is used to build muscle and improve physical performance among athletes and everyday people. After an initial loading dose, a normal creatine dose consists of 3 grams per day for 28 days.

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