What foods help to lower your blood sugar?


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Beans, oatmeal, peanuts and peanut butter all help to lower blood sugar, according to Today Health. People with prediabetes should add these foods to their diets to manage blood glucose levels and avoid Type 2 diabetes.

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What foods help to lower your blood sugar?
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The best beans for reducing blood sugar levels have a lot of soluble fiber. Lima, kidney, pinto, black and navy beans all fit the bill. Soluble fiber slows down the whole digestion process, keeping blood sugar levels from spiking right after mealtime. For people who like lima beans, shelling them and letting them simmer for about a half hour before draining and saut��ing with diced red onion, chopped ham and vinegar combine to make a tasty meal, as stated by Today Health.

Oatmeal is another food filled with soluble fiber, keeping blood sugar even and reducing Type 2 diabetes risk levels. Using steel-cut or rolled oats provides more fiber than using instant oatmeal, and some flavored instant oatmeals are packed with sugar. Saut��ing some apples and adding them to the oatmeal adds some flavor, according to Today Health.

A handful of peanuts provides a jolt of protein and fiber that keep blood sugar spiking from taking place. Women who eat an ounce of peanuts five times a week or more reduce their Type 2 diabetes risk by almost a third, notes Today Health.

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