What Are Some Foods Low in Purines?


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Foods that are low in purines include eggs, peanut butter, nuts and low-fat dairy products, as listed by Drugs.com. Other foods that are considered low in purines include bread, soup made without meat, all fruits and popcorn.

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Most people eat a low-purine diet to help combat the symptoms of gout, according to Drugs.com. Since the body turns purine into uric acid, one of the main causes of gout, eating a diet low in purine helps gout sufferers find relief. Individuals should keep in mind that some foods, such as poultry, shrimp, beans and many vegetables, should be limited when suffering from gout. It is also recommended that those who have gout limit their intake of oatmeal, wheat bran, crab and lentils.

Doctors also encourage those who suffer from gout to avoid high-purine foods, as shown by Drugs.com. These foods include most seafood, wild game meat, organ meat and supplemental yeast. Sufferers of gout should also avoid alcohol, especially beer, and make sure to increase their intake of liquids, especially water. It is important to drink a minimum of 8 cups of liquid a day. Ensuring they are at a healthy weight is another way that gout sufferers can ease the symptoms of this condition.

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