What Are Some Foods That Are Low in Phosphorus?


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Some examples of low phosphorus foods include rice milk, white bread, bagels and cream cheese. Most foods contain some phosphorus, but these foods have much less phosphorus than alternative options.

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Many dairy products, such as milk and hard cheeses, contain large amounts of phosphorus. These foods should be replaced with alternatives, such as rice milk. Ice cream also has high phosphorus levels.

Other foods that are low in phosphorus include popcorn, jams, honey, hard candy and English muffins. Lean meats contain less phosphorus than other types, such as organ meats. Nuts and seeds should be avoided altogether when on a low phosphorus diet.

A low phosphorus diet is often required for people who have kidney problems. If kidneys are functioning correctly, they remove excess phosphorus from the blood stream. Unhealthy kidneys, however, may not be able to accomplish this efficiently, so the patient must reduce his or her phosphorus intake.

In general, people who are on a low phosphorus diet should avoid high protein foods. Foods with lots of protein also usually contain high amounts of phosphorus. The exception to this rule is if a patient is on a dialysis machine, which removes a lot of the protein from the blood.

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