What Are the Best Foods for a Low-Carb Diet?


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A low-carb diet places emphasis on limiting the amount of carbohydrates a person eats, so lean protein sources and non-starchy vegetables may be some of the best foods for a low-carb diet, according to the Mayo Clinic. Some types of fruits can also be incorporated into the diet.

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What Are the Best Foods for a Low-Carb Diet?
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Foods that are sources of protein are poultry, lean cuts of meat and fish. People on a low-carb diet can also have food with certain fats. Vegetables should be sources of high fiber and can include broccoli and cauliflower. Some foods that are not recommended while on this diet are sweets, most carbohydrates, breads, legumes, pasta and most grains.

This diet limits carbohydrate intake to no more than 130 grams per day, according to the Mayo Clinic. This amount is equivalent to about 520 calories per day. This amount of carb intake is very low when compared to the dietary recommendation for daily consumption of carbohydrates a person should get from diet. If a person has an intake of 2,000 calories per day, the recommended amount of carbohydrates consumed should be between 225 and 325 grams.

A low-carb diet may lead to constipation. However, consuming at least five servings of high-fiber vegetables like broccoli may help with this problem, suggests WebMD. Some benefits of this diet can include weight loss and an improvement in conditions such as hypertension and diabetes, reports the Mayo Clinic.

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