What Foods Are on the Low Acid Food List?


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Several fruits and vegetables are on the low acid food list, such as bananas, cantaloupe, mangoes, raspberries, strawberries, artichokes, cabbage, garlic, lettuce, pumpkin, spinach and watermelon. Most proteins and grains are acidic, except fresh fish, nuts, seeds, rye bread, wheat bread, sprouted bread, white biscuits, whole-meal bread and spelt bread.

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Clemson University defines low-acid foods as those with a pH greater than 4.6, where a pH of 7 is considered neutral. Even some of the more acidic fruits such as peaches, apples, oranges and orange juice only have a pH of around 4.96 or higher. Beef, pork, lamb, chicken and dairy fall below 4.6. There are a few mildly acidic vegetables, such as basil, bell peppers, cauliflower, chives, onions, peas, squash and zucchini. Vegetables and grains that are not on the low-acid food list include canned vegetables, corn tortillas, pancakes, sourdough bread and white bread.

According to registered dietician Rebecca Slayton, a diet low in acidic food has many health benefits. A review published in the "Journal of Environmental and Public Health" in 2012 states that an alkaline diet reduces the risk of chronic disease and premature death among the elderly. In addition to disease prevention, most low-acid diets are also low in sodium.

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