What Are the Best Foods for Losing Belly Fat?

What Are the Best Foods for Losing Belly Fat?

The best foods with which to burn belly fat are oatmeal, protein powder, olive oil and nuts, especially almonds. Additionally, berries, eggs, beans and legumes, lean fish and meats, whole grains, avocado, and iced tea are known to be good for burning belly fat.

A big cause of excess belly fat stems from the fact that blood sugar levels drop in the morning, causing hunger. Therefore, oatmeal is an excellent way to stave off hunger, as long as it is sweetened with berries, which contain a lot of fiber.

Fiber is imperative for the body as it makes it feel full through healthy means, not through low-quality carbohydrate solutions to hunger. It also helps eliminate waste from our bodies. Beans provide the body with high levels of fiber and protein and are lower in calories than meat.

Nuts are also very filling and have a lot of healthy nutrients. However, an excess amount of nuts can also be fattening. Twenty-four almonds a day is a healthy guideline.

Amino acids burn fat and tone muscle. These can be found in protein powder, of which 2 teaspoons added to a smoothie kills fat effectively. Some degree of fat is necessary in a diet in order to feel full, and olive and canola oils are the healthiest options. Avocado is also full of healthy monounsaturated fats and has a high level of fiber.

A great way to raise metabolism is through eating eggs. Eggs contain vitamin B12, which helps your body to metabolise fat. Drinking iced tea, especially green tea, also boosts metabolism. One study showed that subjects that drink green tea burned 266 more calories than those who did not.