What Are Some Foods Known to Cause Gas or Bloating?


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The worst offenders among foods that can make a person bloated and gassy are broccoli, carrots, beans, onions and cabbage. Apricots, oranges and watermelon can also create gas and make a person feel bloated.

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Keeping a food diary can help identify precisely what foods cause the most discomfort as every person's reactions to foods are different. Fructose and dairy intolerance are the most common troublemakers when it comes to food that creates this uncomfortable problem.

Fructose intolerance can cause gas. Apples, peaches, pears and raisins are high in fructose. People who are fructose-intolerant should either avoid these fruits completely or eat them only in small portions. Soda contains a large amount of fructose and carbonation. The combination of these two products form large bubbles of gas within the body, making soda another item to avoid.

Dairy intolerance goes beyond not having milk in cereal every day. Dairy is in many products, including cheese, ice cream, cookies and heavy creamer. In the body, dairy breaks down into lactose, a type of sugar. As the body digests this sugar, it turns into gas and leaves the person feeling bloated. Again, an individual should create a food diary to determine precisely whether or not dairy causes her gas, bloating and discomfort.

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