Which Foods Increase Platelet Levels?


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Some foods that are known to increase platelet levels are whole grain products, foods with a high antioxidant level and omega-3 healthy fat content. Leafy greens are also helpful in increasing platelet count, states HealthGuideInfo.com.

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Brown rice and whole wheat products are rich in nutrients that assist in boosting platelet levels, whereas processed grains are stripped of their natural nutrients. Blueberries, pomegranates, carrots and squash are all foods that have high antioxidant content. Tomatoes and broccoli are also antioxidant rich, says HealthGuideInfo.com. Olive oil, fish oil and canola oil are all rich in omega-3 fatty acids. It is recommended to cook with olive or canola oil.

Kale, collards and seaweed have high calcium and vitamin k concentrations, which helps keep the blood healthy. Amaranth and drumstick leaves are also helpful for increasing platelet level, claims HealthGuideInfo.com. Papaya leaf extract has been known to be especially helpful in cases of dengue infection.

Eating organic produce when possible is beneficial because organic products often don't contain herbicides or pesticides that may cause autoimmune diseases and lower platelet levels, according to HealthGuideInfo.com. Organic produce is also often free of the preservatives that increase free radical levels, which are known to cause inflammatory diseases.

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