What Foods Help Increase Blood Platelets?


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Fruits and vegetables, especially leafy greens, can help increase a person's blood platelets, the Platelet Disorder Support Association advises. Eliminating foods that contain few nutrients, such as white rice and white flour, may also help increase blood platelets. These foods rob the body of vitamins and minerals, promote acid indigestion and add to obesity.

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People looking to raise their blood platelets may want to try a type of anti-inflammatory diet called the macrobiotic diet, the Platelet Disorder Support Association explains. This diet focuses on beans, vegetables and whole grains, while minimizing the consumption of animal foods such as poultry, dairy and meat. This diet considers whether the cooking method or food itself enhances the expansion or contraction of the body. Contractive foods are slow cooked or very compact, while very sweet or raw foods are considered expansive foods. Eating expansive foods could contribute to a low platelet count.

Some foods can cause a low platelet count and eliminating them altogether can help raise blood platelets. These foods include those that contain quinine, like bitter lemon, bitter melon and tonic water, aspartame, such as diet soda, low-fat and sugar-free cakes and candy, or alcohol, such as wine, beer and hard liquor, notes the Platelet Disorder Support Association.

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