What Foods Are Included in Phase One of the Know the Cause Diet?

What Foods Are Included in Phase One of the Know the Cause Diet?

Some foods that are included in phase one of the Know the Cause diet are grass-fed meat, organic poultry, wild fish, organic eggs and dairy products, different types of nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables. Foods excluded from the phase one diet in this program are sugar, grains, alcohol, corn, yeast and peanuts, according to the Know the Cause website.

The Know the Cause diet was designed by Doug Kaufman as an anti-fungal diet that consists of two phases. The main intent of the phase one diet is to prevent fungal overgrowth and reduce exposure to mycotoxin, a toxic substance found in fungi. Some foods that may be contaminated with mycotoxins are corn, wheat, peanuts, sugar and barley, states Natural News.

In phase one of this diet, most fresh vegetables are allowed, but potatoes, corn and mushrooms are not recommended. With the exception of peanuts and pistachios, the plan does allow raw nuts and seeds, such as pumpkin seeds, cashews, pecans and walnuts.

The phase one diet of this plan permits the consumption of fresh fruits, such as green apples, grapefruit, avocados, lemons and berries. Many meat products that are grass fed are allowed, including turkey, lamb and beef.

Although alcoholic beverages are not part of this plan, it is fine to drink beverages, such as bottled water, herbal teas, lemonade and carrot juice. Although the plan does not allow sugar products, it is permissible to use sweeteners that include stevia and xylitol.