What are some foods to include in a 1000-calorie meal plan?


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When a dieter consumes only 1000 calories a day, the meals should consist of whole grains, lean proteins and vegetables. Meals should not contain "empty" calories, such as processed food, sugary drinks or alcohol.

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A sample 1000-calorie meal plan might contain a 1/2-cup serving of oatmeal with almond milk for breakfast, a green salad with no dressing and 3 ounces of chicken breast for lunch, and a 1-cup serving of whole-grain pasta with marinara sauce for dinner. Suggested snacks include fresh fruit or a 1/2-ounce serving of nuts. Another suggestion is to eat four or five snack-sized 200-calorie meals throughout the day. This provides a steady supply of energy for the body.

A person needs to be cautious while following such a restricted diet. The meal plan should not cut out entire food groups, such as carbohydrates. The dieter should not skip meals in order to adhere to the diet. Instead, he should carefully plan all meals to provide as much nutrition as possible. While on the diet, a person should limit exercise because the body is not taking in enough calories to support it. A very low-calorie diet can be useful to jump-start weight loss but is not advisable for long-term use.

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