What Foods Are High in Starch?


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White rice, cornmeal and white potatoes are the three foods with the highest levels of starch. Just one serving of white rice (parboiled, cooked and unenriched) has 47 grams of starch. These types of foods generally digest in a very short time and cause blood sugar levels to spike.

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Just like with fats and cholesterols, not all starches are the same. Some have a longer journey through the digestive tract, which means blood sugar levels do not jump as quickly or as much. Resistant starch does not even digest in the small intestine, and as a result, blood sugar remains largely unchanged.

In addition to rice, potatoes and cornmeal, grains in general are high in starch, as are beans and corn. Grains are a central ingredient in bread, pasta, cereal, biscuits, cookies and other foods that have flour. For those interested in blood sugar, though, the important element is what happens to the starch before people eat it.

Foods containing grains that have been ground and broken down completely are easier to digest and become sugar very soon after eating. Breakfast cereals and starches made from flour are in this group. When the legumes or grains remain whole, as in brown rice or beans, the starch takes much longer to break down. In fact, some of it goes completely through without digestion.

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