What Are Some Foods That Are High in Sodium?


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Some foods that are high in sodium include sauces and marinades, cottage cheese, ready-to-eat cereals, cured meats and vegetable juices. Some of the items that have the most sodium include frozen dinners, canned soups, frozen vegetables in sauce and veggie burgers.

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What Are Some Foods That Are High in Sodium?
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Most pre-made sauces and marinades contain 300 milligrams of sodium in one or two servings. This can be close to 20 percent of a person's daily goal, and most people use more of the product because a single serving doesn't cover enough of their food, states Health.com.

While some brands of cereal contain close to 250 milligrams of sodium per serving, most people consume more than that when they pour a bowl. Puffed rice and puffed wheat contain no sodium, while some companies specialize in making sodium-free varieties of cereal, states WebMD.

Canned soups often claim they are low in calories, but they make up for it in their sodium content. Some brands of canned soup can contain 50 percent of a person's daily sodium requirement, states Health.com. For soups, it is better for people on low-sodium diets to make them at home with fresh ingredients.

Many products in the frozen food aisle that claim to have "reduced sodium" are packed with it. Companies can use this term if their product contains 25 percent less sodium than it did before, states Health.com. People on low-sodium diets must always read the nutrition label before consuming these.

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