Which Foods Are High in Protein and Low in Sugar?


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Meats, eggs, milk, legumes, nuts are all good sources of protein that are low in sugar, as are some seeds. Products or recipes containing these food sources may also be good sources of protein, but may be higher in sugar, depending upon the quality of the protein and other ingredients.

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The best protein sources are generally fresh, single ingredient foods that are low in fat. Low fat meats are lean, where fat is either not found in high quantities or can be separated from the meat before cooking. Lean cuts can be found in all meat categories, including beef, poultry, pork and fish. Many milk products, such as cheeses, while typically low in sugar, may contain high levels of fat. Higher-quality milk sources include products low in fat, such as skim or low-fat milk, low-fat or fat free cheeses. Legumes are the seed portion of certain plants, and include soybeans, garbanzo beans, kidney beans and peanuts. A typical serving of meat is considerably higher in protein than other sources, but a healthy diet can be maintained without meat.

Protein bars are often considered a good source of protein, but a typical protein bar often contains less protein than a typical serving of meat and has added sugar. Dieters should carefully review the ingredients in a protein bar and compare them to other protein sources.

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