Which Foods Are High in LDL Cholesterol?


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Foods that are high in LDL cholesterol include animal products such as meat, cheese and eggs. Other foods high in LDL cholesterol levels include dairy products such as whole milk and ice cream.

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Some types of seafood, such as lobster, contain high levels of cholesterol. Commercially baked snacks such as cookies, crackers and onion rings usually contain hydrogenated vegetable oils, which are concentrated with cholesterol. Low-fat versions of milk and dairy products tend to have less cholesterol, while leaner cuts of meat are also lower in cholesterol levels. Additionally, broiled meat products are lower in cholesterol than fried meat products.

Some foods are healthy on their own, but when consumed with numerous additives become high in cholesterol. Mashed or baked potatoes, for example, are healthy in themselves, but are commonly served with butter, salt, cream, sour cream and cream cheese. These extra ingredients turn cooked potatoes into a meal loaded with cholesterol. When ordering or cooking potatoes, it is best to top them with salsa, vegetables or a low-fat sour cream instead.

Pies and pastry items are another source of high cholesterol content. This is because the different types of dough are often made with butter, whole milk, shortening and cream.

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