What Foods Have a High Iron Content?


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Foods that are high in iron include dark chocolate, beef liver and other red meats, tofu and soybeans, hulled pumpkin seeds and steamed clams, cooked oysters and other seafood. Other foods that are fairly high in iron include spinach and lentils. Breakfast foods that are fortified can have 100 percent of the daily value of iron.

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The daily value of iron for people over 4 years old is 18 milligrams. Three ounces of pan-fried beef liver delivers a DV of 28 percent iron. Because a food is considered high in a vitamin or mineral if it provides more than 20 percent of it, beef liver is an abundant source of iron. However, there are even richer sources of iron.

Three ounces of cooked oysters and 1 cup of canned white beans both deliver 44 DV of iron, while dark chocolate has 39 DV. Boiled lentils and boiled spinach have 17 DV of iron, as does a half a cup of firm tofu. Some plant foods that are otherwise nutritious might be low in iron because they contain chemicals such as polyphenols. These chemicals make it hard for the body to absorb iron. Calcium may also make it difficult to absorb iron, so dairy products are often low in dietary iron.

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