Which Foods Are High in Gluten?

Common foods that are high in gluten include pasta, bread, flour tortillas, cookies, cereal, pastries, beer and crackers, notes the American Diabetes Association. Essentially, any food containing white flour, whole wheat flour, durum wheat, graham flour or triticale is considered high in gluten content.

To understand what foods contain gluten, it is first important to become familiar with gluten itself. Gluten is a general term for the proteins that are found in wheat, rye, barley and triticale notes the Celiac Disease Foundation. The purpose of gluten is to help food products maintain their respective shape and structure. In some instances, a person may not be able to consume gluten as it can produce an undesired bodily reaction.

A person intolerant to gluten is known to have celiac disease. This disease is described as an autoimmune disorder that can impact the body's ingestion by damaging the small intestine, notes the Celiac Disease Foundation. The simplest method of avoiding this disease is to consume gluten-free products. However, some of these products may not contain the essential nutrients to survive, notes WebMD. Therefore, it is important for a person to be cautious before consuming foods high in gluten, such as cereals, bread, crackers and conventional pasta.