What Foods Are High in Gluten?

Grains and grain products, particularly wheat, barley and rye, contain high amounts of gluten, which exists in grains as a protein. Some grains, such as corn, millet and sorghum, do not contain gluten, but it can be found in pseudo-cereals such as amaranth, buckwheat and quinoa.

Gluten adds to the stickiness found in dough. Consequently, leavened baked products often contain high amounts of it. Gluten is also found in condiments and seasonings thickened with wheat products, such as soy sauce and salad dressings. Some alcoholic beverages, such as whiskey and beer, also contain gluten since grains serve as a key ingredient in their production. Processed meats, such as hot dogs and sausages, may also include gluten due to the grains used in their manufacture. Certain sweets and snacks that have been made with flours or any products containing grains also have gluten. These include chocolates containing malt, candies containing cereal extract and root beers.

Foods high in gluten can cause allergic reactions to occur in some people. While pure oats lack gluten, its presence in commercially processed oats can trigger an allergic reaction in people with celiac disease. Those who suffer from gluten allergies may consider following a gluten-free diet, taking care to avoid grains and grain products.