What Are Some Foods That Are High in Calcium Content?


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Foods high in calcium content include milk, yogurt and cheese. In addition, sardines, soybeans, and dark leafy green vegetables are also good calcium sources. Certain types of bread, cereal and orange juice are fortified with calcium, which makes them a good addition to a diet that is low in calcium.

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The human body requires other nutrients so it can absorb calcium from the intestinal tract and use the calcium properly. Calcium-rich foods are the best way to get all these nutrients. Anchovies, canned mackerel, and salmon with bones are also good sources of calcium. White or navy beans, almonds, and sesame seed butter can also contribute calcium. One surprising source of calcium is blackstrap molasses.

Adults need about 1,000 milligrams of calcium a day. Most of the calcium in the body is used to support the bones and teeth, but it is also necessary for proper function of the muscles, nerves and heart. People who drink a lot of soda, caffeinated beverages and alcohol need more calcium, as do those with certain intestinal diseases. They should choose high-calcium foods and should consider taking calcium supplements.

Getting enough calcium can help to ward off or treat certain conditions, such as osteoporosis, rickets, high blood pressure, premenstrual syndrome, high cholesterol and hypoparathyroidism. Proper calcium intake may help with weight loss.

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