Which Foods and Herbs Are Good Sources of Potassium?


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According to WebMD, some of the foods containing the highest amounts of potassium include winter squash, sweet and regular potatoes with the skin, white beans, yogurt, halibut, oranges, broccoli, cantaloupe, bananas, lentils, milk, salmon, pistachios, raisins, chicken and tuna. Herbs with the highest amounts of potassium include chervil, coriander, parsley, basil, dill weed, tarragon, turmeric, paprika, red and cayenne pepper, spearmint and chili powder, according to Diet & Fitness Today.

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Which Foods and Herbs Are Good Sources of Potassium?
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Potassium serves to maintain fluid balances in the body and assists in healthy brain, nerve, heart and muscle functioning, according to WebMD. It also lowers blood pressure, which helps to reduce the risk of stroke and heart disease. Studies also suggest that potassium may reduce the risk for developing kidney stones and reinforces bone strength. The recommended daily dose of potassium is 4,700 milligrams, but WebMD warns that most men and women receive only a fraction of this amount.

It is preferred for people to acquire their potassium intake from nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables as opposed to relying on supplements. The fresher and less processed the food, the more nutrients retained. The acts of boiling and frying remove a large portion of potassium and other important nutrients from food. WebMD recommends eating as many raw vegetables as possible or only lightly steaming vegetables to maintain their nutritional value.

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