What Foods Are Helpful for Nausea?

Bananas, apples, mint, chicken broth and nuts are helpful foods for those suffering from nausea, states Everyday Health. Ginger, crackers, sports drinks and water can aid in relieving nausea as well.

Rich in potassium, bananas aid in counteracting vomiting and nausea as well as help hydrate the body, according to Everyday Health. A person who passes loose stool should eat them to restore the body's potassium levels. Whole apples contain high amounts of fiber that also combat nausea-triggering chemicals, but a person with digestion problems should drink apple juice or consume applesauce instead of fruits. Raw vegetables are also high in fiber.

Peanuts have high levels and protein and are easy to digest, as Everyday Health explains, and just like butter, the nuts can supply energy and relieve symptoms of nausea. Powdered ginger, gingersnap cookies, ginger ale, pickled ginger and ginger candy can also alleviate nausea. Bread, toast and saltines are high-starch foods that help reduce stomach acids that induce nausea.

Water keeps the body hydrated and helps prevent headaches that occur along with nausea, as noted by Everyday Health. Sports drinks are full of electrolytes, including potassium and sodium, that aid in replenishing the body with minerals and treating nausea. Drinking mint tea or chewing fresh mint can also help alleviate nausea.