What Foods Are Good for Stomach Ulcers?


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Vegetables, fruits and whole grains comprise a diet rich in vitamins that aid the body in healing stomach ulcers, according to Healthline. Failing to treat ulcers has detrimental effects over the long-term, as they have the potential to form holes in the stomach, which necessitate surgery.

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Understanding how to heal ulcers also involves knowing which foods exacerbate ulcers. Fried foods make the situation worse, not only by irritating the stomach during digestion but also by causing obesity, which hinders the function of the immune system. Alcohol is also important to avoid, as it is a causative factor for new ulcers and worsens existing ones. People who use alcohol to relax after work should consider heading to the gym or taking a walk instead, notes Healthline.

Some people think milk helps with ulcers, as it appears to form a coating when poured. However, calcium boosts stomach acid production, which worsens the situation. Coffee, salty red meat, processed foods, spicy and high-sugar items, and carbonated beverages all tend to make ulcers worse, reports Healthline.

Because stress often contributes to ulcer formation, finding effective methods to relax helps. Exercising regularly, even just thirty minutes a day, takes enough stress off to help ulcers heal. Stopping smoking is another way to keep stomach acid at bay, allowing ulcers to heal, as stated by Healthline.

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