What Foods Are Good for Your Liver?


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Fibrous foods, such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains, keep the liver functioning properly. More water to stay hydrated and a lowered salt intake promote a healthy liver by reducing fluid retention and swelling.

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Carbohydrates, such as bread and potatoes, are healthy for the liver and should be the main part of a diet eaten by a person with liver disease. A low-protein diet reduces the risk of toxic waste buildup within the body, so small amounts of protein, such as limited 4-ounce servings at meals, are recommended. Healthy fats, such as milk, fill out the diet in moderate amounts. Along with carbohydrates, fats keep the liver clean from waste related to protein intake.

A diet that is generally balanced encourages a healthy liver, but some people may need to take nutritional supplements, such as B complex vitamins. People with specific liver diseases may need to eat more carefully. For example, those with hemochromatosis or hepatitis C need to avoid foods and cooking implements that contain iron, and those with Wilson disease must limit copper intake. Foods to avoid for a healthy liver include shellfish that is raw or undercooked, sugar, fast food, and alcohol over one or two drinks per day.

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