What Foods Are Good for the Kidneys?


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The best foods for kidneys are fruits and vegetables. There are a handful of fruits and vegetables that are low in potassium, which is ideal for kidneys since they regulate potassium. Iron rich foods are also best for kidneys since they have the important role of producing red blood cells.

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What Foods Are Good for the Kidneys?
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One of the most important functions the kidney has is filtering out toxins, excess salt and urea from the body. These toxins are flushed out of the body through urination, which is why hydration is extremely important to not only the overall body, but specifically the kidney. Without water, the kidney begins to absorb more fluid without filtration. A low salt diet is perfect for maintaining kidney health and preventing excess build up of unwanted minerals. The kidney also aids in the production of red blood cells and regulates blood pressure.

While there are a many foods that keep the kidneys healthy, there are also foods that do the opposite. Foods that are high in potassium and phosphorus can be dangerous when taken in large amounts. Kidneys aid in balancing both potassium and phosphorus levels out, but when they're not working, these levels can become too low or too high, risking weak bones and muscles.

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