What Foods Are Good for Hypoglycemia?


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There are two main types of diets, recommended by The Podell Medical Practice, for managing hypoglycemia. One diet reduces the intake of all carbohydrates, emphasizing fats and proteins, while the other reduces the consumption of simple sugars and increases the consumption of whole grains, vegetables and fruits.

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Both methods of managing hypoglycemia work through the same mechanism: they reduce the amount of simple carbohydrates ingested by the patient. This prevents rapid utilization of the food's energy, spikes in insulin and the crash in blood sugar that follows. Although both diets work in the same way, Dr. Podell claims to have more success with the higher carbohydrate diet in reducing hypoglycemia in his patients.

These two diet plans both work best at managing hypoglycemia when smaller, more frequent meals are eaten through the day, according to Dr. Podell. Carbohydrates should be eaten with small portions of fats or proteins, so that long term energy is supplied with every meal and digestion is slowed. One to 3 tablespoons of olive oil can be added to meals to significantly slow food passage from the stomach when an individual first begins a hypoglycemic diet. In addition to these dietary changes, Dr. Podell recommends that hypoglycemic individuals reduce the amount of caffeine and alcohol they consume.

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