What Foods Are Good to Eat for a Gallstone Patient?


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Recommended foods for gallstone patients include fruits, vegetables, dairy products with low fat content, whole grain foods, and lean meat, fish and poultry, according to WebMD. Some studies suggest that moderate intake of alcohol reduces the occurrence of gallstones, whereas moderate consumption of caffeinated coffee decreases the risk of gallstones.

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It is important to maintain a healthy weight and choose a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet to promote gallbladder health, as overweight and obese people are often at a higher risk of developing gallstones, notes WebMD. Gallstone patients and individuals at risk of having gallstones are advised to eat a high-fiber diet with moderate amounts of calories.

Patients with gallbladder problems should minimize consumption of saturated fats and foods packed with cholesterol to alleviate symptoms, states WebMD. It is essential to avoid or limit high-fat foods, including fried foods, fatty red meat, whole-milk dairy products and highly processed products.

A person should strive to lose weight slowly, as fast weight loss has been associated with gallstone formation, suggests WebMD. Crash diets often trigger the liver to send more cholesterol to the bile, affecting the normal balance between cholesterol and bile salt levels. Excess cholesterol tends to accumulate and turn into crystals, leading to gallstone formation. The recommended weight loss goal for overweight individuals is around 1 to 2 pounds per week.

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