Which Foods Give the Sensation of a Burning Tongue?


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The most common type of foods that give the sensation of a burning tongue are spicy foods and acidic foods, according to Mayo Clinic. Some people also experience burning mouth syndrome from carbonated beverages, intense stress or tobacco products.

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Which Foods Give the Sensation of a Burning Tongue?
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If someone suffers from burning mouth syndrome, the best course of action is to avoid these types of items to ensure that the sensation does not appear. Unfortunately, burning mouth syndrome involves more than a simple sensation as the sensation is ongoing, according to Healthline. It also tends to involve worsening symptoms as the day goes on, along with a metallic taste and a dry mouth. The condition is also painful, and it may include tingling sensations in addition to burning sensations, according to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

To determine whether or not a person has burning mouth syndrome, a doctor will perform oral swab tests, allergy tests, salivary flow tests, imaging tests and possibly a blood test or tissue biopsy. In order to treat burning mouth syndrome, the doctor will prescribe medication for the pain, however, not all medications will work for each patient. Burning mouth syndrome is a complex condition and requires individual treatment.

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