What Foods Help Fight Neuropathy?


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A balanced, nutrient-rich diet that focuses on fruits, vegetables, lean meats and whole grains is important for managing the effects of peripheral neuropathy, according to the Foundation of Peripheral Neuropathy. Patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy should monitor blood sugar levels closely along with their diet.

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Diabetes, alcoholism and vitamin deficiencies are common causes of peripheral neuropathy, states the Foundation of Peripheral Neuropathy. Treatment focuses on the underlying cause and can include a variety of dietary changes. Diabetics who are trying to manage blood glucose should replace refined grains with whole grain products and eliminate or reduce sugar intake. Additionally, saturated fat found in meats and full-fat dairy products cause an increased risk for inflammation and Type 2 diabetes. Patients should replace fatty animal products with lean meats and healthy sources of fats.

Those who suffer from celiac disease or gluten allergies should follow a gluten-free diet, states the Foundation of Peripheral Neuropathy. Gluten is found in wheat and other types of flour products. Gluten-free alternatives are available for those who are eliminating gluten from their diet.

Preventing peripheral neuropathy includes a combination of exercise and avoiding factors that contribute to nerve damage, such as toxic chemicals, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption, according to Mayo Clinic. Eating eggs, fish and fortified cereals helps avoid vitamin deficiency, particularly B-12. Additionally, patients should strive for at least 30 minutes to one hour of exercise three days per week.

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