What Foods Help Fight Cancer?


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A number of foods have been linked to both preventing and effectively fighting cancer, including oily fish, garlic, tomatoes and nuts, as stated by CANCERactive. Research has shown that when combined with exercise, these foods can have a beneficial effect on the body when fighting cancer.

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Oily fish provides the body with a number of nutrients, including omega 3, which has strong anti-inflammatory properties. This is of particular importance when cancer is attacking the body because omega 3 helps reduce and limit COX-2, which can cause inflammation and irritation. Vitamins A and D are also present in many types of fish, such as mackerel and salmon, which have also been linked to reducing the rates of some cancers.

Garlic contains cancer attacking components and also serves as an anti-inflammatory. One component, allicin, can also help stop the spread of cancer by limiting blood flow to tumors. Tomatoes are also linked to increased resistance to a number of cancers, and both these ingredients are easy to include in a multitude of meals.

Nuts are a good source of fiber but also contain selenium, which is another potent anti-cancer agent. Almonds, walnuts and Brazil nuts have all been proven to aid longevity and directly combat cancer in the body.

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