What Foods Does an Endomorph Eat?


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Endomorphs typically eat foods that are high in protein and fat while being low in carbs: such as fish, vegetables and nuts. Endomorphs are described as people with larger bone structures and thus higher amounts of body fat and fat mass.

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Endomorphs are encouraged to eat foods that are fairly low in carbohydrates while boosting their protein and fat consumption. Endomorphs should concentrate on creating meals around protein-dense foods such as meat and fish, vegetables and fat-dense foods such as nuts. A simple way for an endomorph to think about portion sizes is to use the size of the hand as a guide; for instance, an endomorph might eat two palmfuls of protein-dense foods to three "thumbs" of fat-dense foods. Endomorphs should explore different sources of protein and fats. For example, protein is not exclusively found in meat and fish, and can also be found in grains such as quinoa.

An endomorph should also experiment with sources of nutrition and find what works best for based on their carbohydrate needs. Carbohydrate needs can vary depending on the activity level of the endomorph. A very active endomorph, for example, may be able to consume more carbohydrates in a day than a sedentary endomorph.

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